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Bill has been living on the island of Maui since fall of 1985. He currently owns No. 9 Welding & Metal Sales, with one of his sons. Before moving to Maui, Bill spent most of his time in Green Bay, working construction, while attending junior college and the University of Wisconsin.

Showcased at his welding shop you can view an array of sculptures that Bill has done in the past, as well as recently completed sculptures. Bill shares his sculpture space with No. 9 Welding shop. Bill has kept a long record of all of his works beginning from 1968, including photos and slides that may be viewed.

Bill institutes unique design concepts, into the tangible. His love for sculpting has encouraged him to bring these pieces of art out of hiding for others to see. Bill sees more than just art when creating his sculptures, he sees how the visual is affected. In one of his artist statements he writes "These studies are expressions of an activity in a given space..." showing that he takes into account numerous factors when planning a sculpture.

If you are interested in purchasing an available piece, or have a custom design please feel free to email Bill at for more information.

Artist Statement

Handwritten artist statement by Bill Little.

Metal Fabrication Workshop
Bill Little Sculpture
Juried Student Exhibition
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