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Numerous articles have covered the work of Bill Little dating back to the early 80's.

Bill has taken part in exhibitions since the mid seventies. Some of the articles written on Bill covered the exhibitions in which he had entered  submissions.


1974- University of Wisconsin Purchase Awards, steel sculptures "Half Day Moon" & "Combined Transfer"

1974/75- Northeast Wisconsin Art Annual

1975- Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors Show

1985-Outdoor Steel sculpture "Balk" (commission piece) Sturgeon Bay, WI

1986-Lahaina Arts Society All Member Abstract Show

1988- Art Maui juried show, State of Hawaii purchase award. Stainless steel sculpture "Tole Span"

1987-93: Art Maui, Juried Exhibition

1988-94: Gallery of the Pacific-Koahala Coast, Hawai'i

1992- "All Steel Show, Ten Sculptures" Lahaina Arts Society, Jail Gallery

1994-95Gallery of the Pacific, Honolulu O'ahu

1993-97: New York-Paris Gallery, Lahaina Maui

1997- "12x12" Invitation Only Contemporary Exhibition, Schaefer International Gallery-Maui Arts & Cultural Center

1997-Present: Joie Lassiter Gallery-Charlotte North Carolina

1998- Art Maui, Juried Exhibition

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